360 degree panoramic images

360 panoramic images are a great way to show your business assets to potential clients, it’s almost like being there and being able to have a look around.

I can provide 360 degree panoramic photographs for Estate Agents, Holiday Properties, Motorhomes & Vehicles, Interior Design, Construction Work and Events.

As well as capturing 360 degree photographs, I can incorporate them into an interactive 360 degree virtual tour, which allow you to navigate the 360 images.

360 degree photographs are also great way to show tight spaces, such as bathrooms and inside vehicles, which are normally hard to capture with a wide angle lens.

What is a 360 virtual tour ?

A 360 tour is a grouping of 360 degree photographs of a location, which allow you to view the location as if being there, by looking around and moving around the location.
A single 360 degree photo is good for viewing a single location, but a 360 virtual tours allows you to experience a linked group of 360 degree photographs.
A 360 virtual tour normally includes hotspots, which can be clicked on to move to a different room or location. It is also possible to click on informational links or include photo, video or audio links.

How do I share 360 virtual tours or 360 photos on my website ?

There are several ways of displaying 360 images on your web site, but it’s important to note that 360 photographs can not be simply uploaded to your own web site as per normal jpg photographs.
360 degree images require a viewer to display the images, which allow you to look around or click and move between groups of 360 degree images.

I can provide an “Embed Code” or a simple web link, which you can add to your own web site.
These embed codes will work on your web site.

I can also capture 360 degree images for clients who have a Matterport business account for use with virtual walkthroughs.

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