Aerial drone video and photos - Scotland

Corporate & Commerical videos | Tourism & Promotional videos

Video is a great way to show your business online, viewers can sit back and watch without having to scroll around web site pages.

Online video content is becoming more important and also helps with Google and SEO rankings.

We use professional video and sound equipment to capture all those little details.
This includes stablised video capture using gimbals, time-lapse sequences, high quality video capture using a range of lenses and a low light camera for night time / low light conditions.

Quality sound and professional music make a big difference on videos, we use radio mics and shotgun mics to capture the best quality audio.

construction time-lapse scotland

Commercial & Corporate

Tell the story of your business with an engaging video.

We can create promotional videos for your business, supporting a product or a special event.

2K & 4K resolution

Multiple camera angles

Audio & voice over options

Licensed music option

Text and image overlays

Slow motion option

Tourism videos

Capture gorgeous Scottish landscapes and our lively Scottish weather.

We can also mix creative video content with time-lapse sequences.

2K or 4k resolution

Dramatic landscapes & Weather

Aerial video

Stock footage

Location, Location, Location

Showcase your holiday home and it’s location with a unique high quality video.

Add some music and some time-lapse sequences to make your property shine.


2K or 4k resolution

Licensed Music option

Aerial video

Can you fly in rainy conditions?

No, it requires dry conditions to fly the drone safely.

Can you fly in cities and built up areas?

Yes, but please bear in mind we cannot fly within 5 miles of airport runways and other no fly zones.

Are you insured?

Yes, we use EC 785/2004 compliant drone unsurance with public liability insurance.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes, we are experienced flying drones indoors with no GPS signal.

Work with us

If you are looking for creative high quality images, we’re here to help.

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