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Corporate & Commerical videos | Tourism & Promotional videos

Video is a great way to show your business online, viewers can sit back and watch without having to scroll around web site pages.

Images, logos and text can be overlayed on top of videos, to help get your message across.

Online video content is becoming more important and also helps with Google and SEO rankings.

We use professional video and sound equipment to capture all those little details.
This includes stablised video capture using gimbals, time-lapse sequences, high quality 10bit 422 video capture using a range of lenses and a low light camera for night time / low light conditions.

Quality sound and professional music make a big difference on videos, we use radio mics and shotgun mics to capture the best quality audio.

construction time-lapse scotland

Business promotions

Tell the story of your business with an engaging video.

We can create promotional videos for your business, supporting a product or a special event.

2K & 4K resolution

Slow motion option

High quality sound

Licensed Music option

Multiple camera angles

Aerial video option

Tourism & Travel

Capture gorgeous Scottish landscapes and our lively Scottish weather.

We can also mix creative video content with time-lapse sequences.

2K or 4k resolution

Anywhere in Scotland

Aerial video option

Stock footage

Location, location, location

Showcase your holiday home and it’s location with a unique high quality video.

Add some music and some time-lapse sequences to make your property shine.


2K or 4k resolution

Licensed Music option

Aerial video option

Where can I use my video?

Anywhere you like. You can upload it to your own YouTube channel, or Vimeo and simply add a link to the web pages where you want to display the video.

When will my video be ready?

  • We need to find a suitable time and day to film the video.
  • We might need to do a voice-over if your video requires it.
  • A suitable piece of music needs to be added.
  • Then the video needs to be edited, and it will be sent to you for review.
  • If you want to tweak things, the video will be amended and then it will signed off and uploaded to Vimeo and you will receive the video file.



Can I get the video on a USB or download it?

Yes, no problem, it’s your video to do what you want with.



Can I put pop music on my video?

No, unfortunately not (unless you have written permission to use a song from the singer and song-writer).
There are a variety of music websites out there providing free music and licensed music for commerciall purposes.

We recommend using licensed music as the free music tends to be very lack lustre.

How much does it cost?

Every video is different and the time it takes for filming and editing is always dependent on the project.
So tell us what you’re looking for, and we will be able to give you a quote.

Work with us

If you are looking for creative high quality images, we’re here to help.

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