St Kilda

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We lucked out and managed to get a trip out to St Kilda on the girlfriends birthday with Kilda Cruises. It's a two hour 45 min trip out to St Kilda from Leverburgh on the west coast of Harris.

Aerial / drone filming

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I have been working with Andy, from AerialViewScotland over the past 6 months. He is a very experienced pilot and we work well as a team.

Long weekend in Durness

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Here are two photos of the northern lights when I was up in Durness last weekend, one of which has a Lyrid meteor streaking down the screen. I

Floating over Edinburgh

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The 200 feet high Star Flyer made it to Edinburgh this year, so I though I would grab some video of it and capture the view whilst going round at 10 metres per second. I was lucky enough to get some footage of the amazing sunrise from Thu 28th November, when the sky across Edinburgh [...]