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Holiday home photograph & video services

Make the magic of your holiday property shine – through professional, enticing and well-planned photography

Interior / Exterior photographs
I can provide high quality photos of both the interior and exterior of your property.

Pricing will vary dependent upon property size.

A basic photoshoot of a two bedroom holiday home would typically take 2 to 3 hours onsite and would result in 30 – 40 edited high resolution photos.
An in depth photoshoot of larger properties would normally take 5 or 6 hours onsite and result in 70 – 80 edited photographs.

High quality  video
I can provide HD video of the interior and exterior of your property, edited into a web video for sharing on your web site or on social media.

Pricing will vary dependent upon property size and the amount of time spent onsite acquiring footage and editing the final video.

Optional extras include a quality licensed music track and time-lapse video clips of the local area.

Aerial images
Show your property from a different angle and put it in context from up in the air.

Aerial photos are great for adding to your web site and for sharing on social media.
Aerial footage can be added as an option to any of my HD video services.

Interior & exterior photos, video & aerial combination
Why not push the boat out and get all aspects of your holiday property captured whilst I am on-site.

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How I work

I am flexible as to when I visit your property, I can either do it out of season or do it on a day when there is a gap in your bookings.

I will discuss what you want show about your propery and then book a slot in advance with you to aquire the relevant images.

I don’t need to stay at the property during a shoot,  but I do find it helps to get a good understanding of the property.

I can capture internal photos during most types of weather, but it’s preferable to be dry and reasonably bright outside.

If you require aerial shots, please note that this requires a site survey and has to be performed in dry conditions with wind speeds less than 25mph (for safety reasons).

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Top 10 tips to make your holiday property look it’s best for the camera

Tip no 1. It may seem obvious but don’t forget to de-clutter every room. This includes removing fire extinguishers, leaflets, safety signs, any similar items.

Tip no 2. Wires and cables dangling all over the place! Wherever possible I always try to hide them either by unplugging & removing all together with things like kettle bases or wires from other appliances or in the case of lamps which need to be switched on.

Tip no 3. Tidy & straighten all curtains, blinds, bedding, sofa cushions. Iron them if necessary, there is nothing worse than creases & crumples that stare back at you in photographs!

Tip no 4. Switch on the lights, it gives the image added shine and sparkle. Depending on the natural lighting in your holiday let, you may want to experiment & see which you feel looks best.

Tip no 5. No toilets in shot. I’m not against photographing bathrooms, some look great. If you think it will be beneficial to photograph your bathroom, do try & avoid the toilet! If this is not possible, please please ensure the lid is completely closed and there is no bin or toilet brush in sight! Eeek!!
*Added tip *Take a shot of a detail in your bathroom rather than the whole room. To give a taster of the style of the bathroom. The viewer can then create an idea of the whole room just from that one shot.

Tip no 6. Shut that door, rooms look their best with all the doors shut

Tip no 7. Think about your target market and dress your rooms accordingly. Romantic getaway? Champagne & chocolates will do the trick. Family fun break? Picnic and tennis rackets will attract these potential guests to your page.
*Added tip: Less is more, never over dress the room, or it will look cluttered.

Tip no 8. Remember the reasons that people come to stay in your property. Is it the stunning view? Is there a fantastic garden? Think about it’s unique features and photograph them.

Tip no 9. Ensure your outside areas are looking tip top. Hanging baskets flourishing, decking or patio swept and free of weeds, grass trimmed and looking neat.
* Added tip: Remove cars from driveways and make sure they aren’t visible when taking photos looking out the windows.

Tip no 10. Does the furniture need moving to create better composition for the viewer? Have all wires been hidden & soft furnishings straightened? Would the picture look better if taken from a different angle? Try every corner of the room, some will look “right” some won’t; again, experiment with this.[/thrive_lead_lock]

Holiday home portfolio


Video production and photographs of a luxury three bedroom Villa located in The Algarve, Portugal


Production of a video, which showed the mansion house in it's rural countryside settings


Production of a video which captured the beauty of both the inside and the outside of this property


Production of a video which captured the beauty of both the inside and the outside of this property