Fortune favours the brave

There's a wonderful photo of Edinburgh castle doing the rounds atm on social media, with Edinbugh castle sticking out above the mist on Monday night.
It's a great capture by Adam Bulley, who patienty waited for the conditions to be just right and worked out where he could take the shot.
You can read more about it on Adam's Facebook page


I was exploring the possibility of getting a misty shot of the castle on Monday, I was up Arthurs Seat a couple of hours earlier, but I headed back down just before sunset.
The drizzly rain started getting heavier and it looked like I wasn't going to see anything further than 50 feet away, so I called it off and headed home.
I was hoping to walk along The Raiders Road up the crags, but the path has been shut for a while now, due to the risk of falling rocks.

So hats off to Adam, well done working out where to be at the right time, in the right place in the right conditions.
It felt a bit risky being up there in low visibility and slippy conditions, it takes patience and hard graft to get such shots, fortune really does favour the brave !

PS: This is what the visibility was like 500 feet up Arthurs seat just before sunset on Monday.
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Persistence will pay off. I went to Glastonbury Tor Four times in a week, with only one of the days proving worthwhile. Keep going and it will happen!