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Mo Thomson

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If like me, you have a passion for photography or travelling, please have a look around the the discussion forums.

If you register with a free account, you can join in the discussions, add comments and upload some of your photos.

I am rarely on Facebook these days and get frustrated with so much negative content on social media platforms.
I would love to see some of your recent photos in the photo forum, you can upload them in the 'Your photos' section.
I'd love to hear some of your interesting places to visit and any camp craft tips and tricks you may know of.

The forums are moderated to keep them "a happy place", so please refrain from any hatred, politics, religion, bigotry, tribalism, bullying, racism and sexism.
Trolls and spam are not welcome here and will be removed, do not upload any explicit, illegal or copyrighted material.
There are also no adverts or social media tracking and sharing of user data.
Forums posts made and by site members will only be visible to site members, the only user content visible to non members are the photos forum.

The content creation has been in a state of limbo during the pandemic, but there will be a siginificant increase in new images and new posts once the travel restrictions are lifted.
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