Getting to know Seilebost more

I went out for a sunset last night, but the 99% cloud cover and occasional showers didn't yield much photography wise.
It looked so promising as I left the warmth of the campervan to walk along the dunes.

The light disappeared after the promising start and I headed back to the van to thaw out, I don't recall the end of April being this cold.

I'm still a bit tired after the 1400 mile trip around the Highlands last week, so I am taking it easy and not going far from my campervan pitch at Seilebost.
I am blown away by the facilities that have recently been installed in the old Seilebost school, it's all so shiny and so nice.
It is great to be able to get up in the morning and have a shower in a warm and spotless shower room, a great way to kick start the day.

I was up around 06:30 this morning, after the shower and a quick cuppa, I headed down to the Seilebost dunes whilst the sun was starting to lift over the hills to the East.

I walked along to the end of the grassy dunes and was surprised to see how much had disappeared since my last visit 15 months ago.
There was a new estuary / river channel running parallel to the Seilebost dunes, the estuary used to come straight out in parallel with the Luskentyre side, towards the south.


I wandered to the end of the grass, this was the view looking north, quite a lot of it has disappeared into the sea, possibly forming the new channel

I went to the local shop in Leverburgh to get some shopping and catch up with Kenny, before driving most of the way to Tarbert to get some fresh scallops from Lorna's Larder.
She said her hubby was currently out diving for scallops and to come back after 16:00 to get some.

It is noticeably busier today after this ferry got into Tarbert at 11:30 (Sat 1st May), a bank holiday weekend.
I grabbed this shot of the Tarbert to Uig ferry on it's way back to Skye.

I will head out before sunset to capture some time-lapse, who knows how the weather will fare later on, sunset is around 21:15.
There have been blue skies all around the island, especially out at sea, but the clouds seem to just cling around any mountain and there are lots of mountains and hills around.

There is only one pitch left out of four now, the ferry brought more bank holiday peeps in today.
Time to head out and get the fresh scallops for dinner, nom nom nom.

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Mo Thomson

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Get in my tummy !! (TM Colin 2021)

£15 for 11 good sized scallops from Lorna's Larder (a wee food van at the turn off for the Golden Road).
Her husband Grant had just dropped them off after hand diving them a couple of hours earlier, well fresh.

I gave them a quick blast in butter in the ridge monkey and added some sliced chorizo and enjoyed them next to Nisabost beach.

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