It's great to be back in the Outer Hebrides

After 15 months of Covid restrictions and keeping away from the islands, I am, at long last, back on the road and heading to Harris for a few days in the campervan.
I did some lateral flow tests and both came back negative, so all good for getting on the ferry.

There was a surprise covering of snow driving past the Cairgorms and over Slochd summit

It wasn't the usual ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway, as the newer ferry is having an engine repaired.
There are still some limitations in place, the car deck was maybe half full, but there were more lorries.

It cleared up nicely once away from the mainland, but it sure was baltic in the cold NE winds.


I usually find somewhere off grid and remote to stop, but I booked 4 nights at a West Harris Trust site and your need to book campsites or pitches during the current restrictions,
There are four pitches and excellent onsite services, even though there are only 4 pitches at this location, no one else here so far.
I will post a photo tomorrow, of the amazing beach that is close to the pitch.


I'm a bit tired after a week of driving 1400 miles around Scotland, so it's an early night and catch up on some much needed sleep.

I will finish this post of with a sunset behind some maram grass tonight.

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