My first hands on with the Sony A7Siii camera

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I have always struggled with hybrid cameras, they produce pretty good photos and videos, but they don't excel at either.
It's also frustrating when switching between photo mode and video mode, as you have to check the settings and change them (exposure modes, focus settings, frame rates, etc.)

I have recently decided to have one camera dedicated to high res photos and one camera dedicated to video mode.

My current photo camera is a 61mp Sony A7R4, which I will cover in another post, but here's my thoughts on the Sony A7Siii

The A7siii is quite pricey and comes with a 3 year Sony warranty, as I bought it from a local Sony shop, I like supporting local shops.
There is a fairly long waiting list for this camera, but I was lucky to pick one up via the Sony shop route.

So what makes the A7Siii special ?

It has great low light capabilities due to the big pixels on it's 12megapixel sensor, which make it perfect for 4K video capture.
I'm not too fussed about 8k video capture yet, as clients tend to be more than happy with Full HD 2K resolution.

What has impressed me the most so far is the image quality of the videos, it blows away my previous full frame and m43 cameras.
The 10 bit colour depth with 422 colour sampling is a thing of beauty to grade afterwards, it doesn't fall apart like 8 bit 420 video.

Here is a single frame from a video test I did with one of our cats, it's a 40MB png file, it looks as good as photo quality.

I will do some further tests and upload some comparisons between the A7iii (hybrid) and A7Siii (video) in a few days.
This was taken in low light cloudy day, just after sunset.

Click on the image below to view full res (3840 x 2160 pixels), this is an exported video frame, but it's as good as a photo :)

Looking forward to getting out with this thing, once the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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