No ND? No Problem


One of issues I had this summer, whilst touring the UK in the camper, was a lack of ND filters. I chose to shoot film alongside digital, but this meant I didn't have any ND filters for the Canon M6mk2.

Problem solved - I actually found that three small polarisers stacked together can create the same effect as a 10 stop neutral density filter. The image of these guide poles shows just how effective that can be, giving me a shutter speed of 30 seconds and more, simply by sticking one onto the other with a bit of Sellotape! You have to rotate them so very little light gets through, but the result was superb all things considered.


Mo Thomson

Staff member
Excellent idea with the polarisers, the selotape method would be interesting on a wet day !

The seagulls give it a sense of scale, excellent shot with the temporary filters