Professional Time-Lapse services

If you have an upcoming construction job or event, I provide a ‘pay as you go’ time-lapse service.
Depending on your requirements and budget, we can install various types of cameras capturing sequences in full HD resolution, 4K, 8K and even 10K resolution.

We can provide time-lapse sequences lasting anything from an hour all the way up to several years.
Most timelapse projects tend to last around several weeks, but whatever your requirements, we can provide a time-lapse sequence to cover your project's timeline.

If your site or event is outdoors, we can deploy a time-lapse system that can handle the British weather.

If you want guaranteed capture of future event or build, I can deploy a remotely monitored system which guarantees the capture as images are monitored regularly to ensure that nothing is missed. Images are uploaded remotely over 4G to my own secure cloud based server.
We can also provide regular images and time-lapse sequences whilst the project is running.

Please get in touch if you are interested in capturing a time-lapse sequence for your business.


Here is a little taster of some of my time-lapse sequences

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