What are your thoughts on travel in 2021 ?

Mo Thomson

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With the ever accelerating rollout of vaccines, what are your expectations on travelling in 2021 ?

Fingers crossed, I am hoping to start with some UK based travel in May, but I'd love to be able to at least drive to mainland Europe via Eurotunnel, if vaccine passports allow more travel freedoms.

We normally escape to the Canaries for some winter sun, so here's hoping that becomes a possibility in the second half of 2021


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Local only. As a photographer, it is not necessary the ability to travel, but the the disruption and financial loss that makes it seem a risky experience. Then there is vaccine effectiveness, whether you can transmit COVID while vaccinated, how long the vaccine lasts, when we need revaccination... and on and on it goes!

Mo Thomson

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The unknowns sure are making it hard to plan anything for the rest of 2021 :(

The number of new cases is currently below 50 per 100k atm across the UK https://www.travellingtabby.com/uk-coronavirus-tracker/local

I think Scotland is reverting to the tier system in April, which used to have Tier2 at under 150 per 100k, but the new variants is likely to reduce the Tier2 limits from 150 to 50 per 100k.
Hopefully that means that most parts of Scotland will go into Tier2 in April, fingers crosssed, as that would allow travel between the tier2 areas.

Still waiting for my vaccine letter here, I think there is a dip in supply atm.

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