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Time-lapse capture - anywhere in Scotland

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Construction Projects | Events | Tourism

Time-lapse is a great way to show the progress of a project / event or capture the big outdoors with an engaging video sequence.

Construction Work

Tell the story of your construction project with a time-lapse video.

Whether its one day or several years, we can capture it from start to finish.

4K resolution

Indoor & Outdoor

Remote monitoring

Health & Safety

Multiple Cameras

Events & Festivals

Capture corporate event builds or the party atmosphere at a festival.

4K or 8k resolution

Tourism showcases

Let mother nature do the hard work to showcase the beautiful Scottish landscape.

We also offer night time captures of milky way, stars and aurora if they are on show.

4K or 8k resolution

Dark night skies

Top 3 things to consider for your time-lapse

  • Camera placements – We provide a free site survey to select the optimal location to capture the action.
  • Power supply – Is there 110v/240v power on site or is solar and battery a better option.
  • Guaranteed capture – Never miss the action, we recommend remote monitoring for peace of mind.

Have a look at demo video for some inspirational advice.

Can I see the progress of a long term projects as it unfolds ?

Yes, we can provide regular update videos whilst the cameras are still in place.


Can you capture outdoor events?

Yes, our equipment is water proof and and can handle whatever the Scottish weather throws at it.


Can you provide hyperlapse or motion-controlled sequences?

Yes, we can provide a hyperlapse sequence, where the camera moves through the location over time.

We can also capture more complex motion controlled sequences with a computer controller and motorised slider.

Can you guarantee to capture the event?

Yes, we can deploy time-lapse equipment with remote monitoring of the images as they upload on a daily basis.

Please note that this requires either a 3G/4G/5G service in the area or access to wifi on location.

Can you capture images if there is no power avilable onsite?

Yes, we provide different power supply options.

  • 110v or 240v mains power works best.
  • A solar panel & battery combo provides a reliable source of power when mains power is not available.
  • We can deploy a long term battery solution, if mains and solar is not possible onsite.

How much does it cost?

It  depends on how long the project lasts, how many cameras are required, power supply options, how many site visits are required, etc.

We offer a free site survey to work out the details and listen to your requirements, before providing you with a straight forward pay as you go price.

Can you do before and after comparisons?

Yes, we can provide you with a before and after comparison image. Check this example to see how it looks.

We can also provide you with aerial images of before and after comparisons.

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