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Video is a great way to show your business online, viewers can sit back and watch without having to scroll around a page.
You can add image and text overlays onto videos, to get your message across.

Having online video content is becoming more important and helps with Google rankings and SEO.

I use the latest video and sound equipment to capture those little details of your product, which will help you show your product at it’s best.
Good quality sound and decent music can really make your videos pop, I love finding the right licensed music and recording voice overs with my audio equipment to add into the completed video.

Please get in touch if you are :

  • Interested in creative and unique video of your business or brand.
  • Looking to license a video for use in your online media channels

We have worked on the following video projects:

  • Property videos:
    • Holiday homes
    • Properties for sale
    • Business premises
  • Construction time-lapse projects
    • Demolitions
    • New builds
    • Event builds
  • Yacht and sailing videos
  • Motorhome videos
  • Tourism and travel videos

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