Let me introduce myself, Mo Thomson, an Edinburgh based photographer who is happiest on a deserted beach.
My wife Nadin has given me the nickname "Midnight Mo", as I really love getting out taking photos in the middle of the night.

For 25 years I worked on computer systems for a large Financial Services company, but I decided to step out of the 9 to 5 script and pick up a camera. That decision is one of the best I have ever made and it has taken me on a rewarding journey, learning about photography and getting out to explore some of the amazing landscapes around me.

As well as photography, video and time-lapse, I love travelling and getting out and about in my wee campervan, so there will be some travel and campervan related posts too.
I am always learning about photography and love seeing where others are going and the images they capture.

When I am out taking pictures in the remote places in Scotland, I often bump into other photographers with the same passion for photography.
I always enjoy their chat and I have met some amazing and interesting people on the way.

If you are anything like me, always watching / reading about the latest gear, techniques, locations and how to improve your photography, then join my community , let's learn and share our experiences together.

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