A 3D flythrough of a virtual Fettes Row

It's never too late to learn new skills, so recently, I have been working on learning how to do some large-scale 3D modelling.
I should have started with an easy project, but I decided to start with a quite complex scene. It's somewhere I know well, the RBS technology buildings at Fettes Row and Dundas Street in Edinburgh. The buildings have now been demolished, so I thought, why not try to rebuild them?

This video is an early look at the progress so far, with a wee fly-through of a virtual Fettes Row.
I am working on all this from memory, so if anyone has any photos from inside Fettes Row or Dundas Street, I would appreciate it if you could email some to email@mothomson.com.

I will share more updates as it progresses, along with some insights into how I put it together again.

Initially I tried using a 3D photogrammetry technique but I switched to using a hand built model which is used in the video.

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